Literally, hundreds of these questions are answered in " Safe Answers", these are answers that you can NOT afford to miss in the oral board exam:


"A 62-year-old white male brought to the ER by ambulance after a syncope attack at home, complaining of vague back pain and has a pulsatile abdominal mass on physical exam, with BP of 90/55". The second question is: "a 71-year-old white male, one year status post acute MI, was found by his primary care physician to have a pulsatile mass in the epigastrium. A sonogram showed a 5.5cm infra-renal AAA". What would you do?


A "22-year-old white male is in the ER with a gunshot wound to his right thigh after a chase with the police". The thigh is swollen, and the patient is otherwise awake and doing fine, and complaining of pain in the right leg.


"a 58-year-old white male status post right hemicolectomy for colon CA in the cecum, who has been doing well for two days postoperatively, started to develop elevated liver enzymes on the third day post-op, and became jaundiced and deteriorated quickly over the following 24 hours, with subsequent renal failure and elevated BUN and creatinine" What would you do?


A Jehovah's Witness patient with a Hgb of 7 needing hemicolectomy for colon adenocarcinoma; how do you prepare him?


A 76-year-old man with liver cirrhosis presents with incarcerated right inguinal hernia, small bowel obstruction and a barium enema showing constricting lesion in the ascending colon; what would you do?


Severe burning pain in the groin three weeks after an "uneventful inguinal hernia repair" on a fifty years old lawyer ....What do you do?


Crepitus in the neck subcutaneous tissues after attempted EGD ...the gastroenterologist thinks that he may have ruptured the a Zenker's diverticulum.


During Laparoscopic cholecystectomy on a model, the cholangiogram shows a high grade obstruction of the CBD...what would you do?


Stab wound to the left chest, below the nipple, at the midclavicular line, in a 21-year-old patient with 30% left pneumothorax and otherwise stable, alert with normal vital signs..what would you do?


A 3-year-old boy brought to your office for a large rectal prolapse noted by his mother 3 months ago, the Hx is negative except for repeated and frequent bouts of " common cold"...the exam is otherwise negative...What would you do?


You are called to the pediatric ICU for a consultation on a newborn boy with "a large umbilical lump with bowel content"...What would you do?


A 52-year-old male is referred to you with a diagnosis of carcinoid tumor, symptomatic, with postprandial flushing and tachycardia, and evidence with a CT scan of the abdomen showing a large, 8 cm right lobe mass and an elevated 5-HIAA. How would you handle this patient?


A 63-year-old man with severe COPD is being evaluated for elective ventral hernia repair. He is otherwise asymptomatic. His medications include Ventolin inhalers and some oral medications. Laboratory values on the preoperative night are as follows: Serum sodium is 121 mEq/L, serum potassium 3.6 mEq/L, serum chloride 94 mEq/L, and serum carbon dioxide content is 24 mEq/L. You are called by the intern on call with these findings. What would you do?


A 26-year-old driver not wearing a seatbelt strikes a tree at high speed. He is admitted with a Glasgow scale of 9 and blood pressure 180/100 and pulse of 120. He has a deep laceration of his forehead that was sutured in the emergency room. His chest is clear, and no other injuries are detected on primary survey. A chest x-ray was obtained and showed widened mediastinum, and you are called to the emergency room to handle this case. What would you do?


After blunt abdominal trauma, a 45-year-old woman has an abdominal computed tomographic scan that is normal except for a 4cm left adrenal tumor. The patient has no history or family history to suggest endocrine disorders. What would you advise this patient to do?


A 67-year-old white male, two days postop from mitral valve replacement, is in ICU and complaining of moderate to severe epigastric pain. All his vital signs are within normal range, and most of his lab results and ABGs are normal except for mild lactic acidosis on ABG, and 12,000 WBC count; how would you handle this case?


A 67-year-old white male two days status post abdominoperineal resection that was done uneventfully, whom you have seen the day before and was in good condition, and now you are seeing him on his second postoperative day, and the nurse is telling you that he has been oliguric for the last 8 hours.


You are in the operating room and have just opened the abdomen in a motor vehicle accident 26-year-old male who came hypotensive to the emergency room, and whom DPL was positive. As soon as you open the abdomen you find 2 liters of blood and his blood pressure drops significantly. What would you do?


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