In 2016 .. Our latest Edition ( 2014 ) is as fresh as new

This is a 351 pages comprehensive review textbook covering the most commonly asked questions on the ABS certifying and recertifying exam with detailed, step by step discussion of their best and safest answers.

The 2016 Edition is our latest ( Exact reprint to 2014 Edition which is our latest and most updated Edition ) most comprehensive and up to date edition we have ever published, the book is revised now every 4 years... As most practicing surgeons and surgeons in training know, " Safe Answers" has been the most popular reference to study for the preparation of the American Board of Surgery certifying and recertifying exams since it was first published in 1994.

Ever since that year, the book was updated every year or two, until 2007... since 2007, there has been no update until now, the 2014 Edition is more than an update, it's a major overhaul of the book, 50 more pages were added and all chapters were rewritten to reflect the changes in the exam questions and answers according to the latest and safest standards of care, many new surgical presentations and scenarios were added to reflect the recent expansion of the ABS questions pool.

An added effort was made to include the most useful information for the recertification exam, which has become lately an almost purely clinical examination, very similar to the certifying exam but in a different, computer  " written " format.

Many other books since then came out and tried to address the Certifying ABS exam , with bullets points, curve balls, outlines and guidelines..etc, but none of these books was able to develope the original content that is most relevant to the certiying exam with its real life (exam) scenarios, real questions and safe answers..All online marketing campaigns and attempts to surpass " safe Answers" success fell by the sides with time and especially after the major refresh of the book made in 2104.

Until today, more than 80% of the questions asked on the oral Board Exam or the recertifying exam are addressed in this book.


" Safe Answers for the American Board of Surgery Cerifying Exam " has been the most widely used reference for the preparation for the American Board of Surgery Cerifying and recertifying Exam for the last several years.


What is New in Safe Answers 2016 ?

Safe Answers is a unique review text designed to help surgeons and surgical residents to prepare for the American Board of Surgery exams.
It takes the reader step by step through the safest answers for the purpose of the Board exam.


Letter from the Author

There are several excellent surgical textbooks out there in bookstores to help you prepare for the American Board of Surgery written qualifying exam, but if you try to look for something to help you prepare for the oral certifying exam, you will face the same frustration I faced when I was looking.


How can you get a copy of the book ?

"Safe Answers" is not available in bookstores or in digital format, it can be purchased exclusively online via this website.

Some used older Editions are sold - illegally - at website.

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