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"Archives of Surgery" reviewed the said it is an excellent text..well written , great source of information....etc.

Other surgeons who took the exam said "I couldn't have passed without this book..." "it was worth every penny to purchase it..."

Virtually all courses given in the country for the purpose of preparation for the oral Board exam recommend this book... and most of the large Surgical Residency Programs have purchased the book for their residents for the same purpose.

We estimate that a solid 85 to 90% of the questions being asked on the oral or the recertifying exams are covered in the book. This continues to be true year over year because of the frequent updates of the book and the hard work of our team in interviewing and teleconferencing with surgeons who have taken recently their oral Board exam.

Since 1994, when the book was first published, it became an immediate hit. Surgeons taking their oral Board exam found it extremely valuable in their preparation for the exam especially when they found that 90% of the questions they were asked were directly or indirectly addressed in the book , they all pointed out the clarity and ease with which the book is written.

They often described how the scenarios were being asked exactly in the same way described in the book, and how confident they appeared when they answered the "Safe Answers" written in the book.

The word of mouth was the only engine that propelled the tremendous success of the book. Practicing Surgeons (already Board certified) started to buy the book for their recertification exam and as a great reference in their offices helping them in daily practice.

Surgical residents started to buy the book to help them in their in-training exams and in preparation for their qualifying exam (although the book was originally written for the oral certifying exam).

Thousands of Surgeons now prepare for their certifying Board exam every year using "Safe Answers" as their main reference.

We estimate that 85% of surgeons taking their Oral Board exam or their recertifying exam are preparing from "Safe Answers", almost all the courses given across the country recommend the book and an ever growing number of Board certified practicing surgeons are using the book as a quick reference to refresh their surgical knowledge and review any new gold standards.

Most major university residency program coordinators have bought the book for their residents to improve their passing rate on the Board exams and to use the book as the base for discussing the different scenarios and surgical presentations and their "Safest Answers".
The updated 2014 Edition is the latest and best edition, ever, of the book, all answers are based on the most solid and up to date information available, so you can prepare, and pass with confidence, your certifying or recertifying exams or just refresh your knowledge for your practice to make it reflect the real state of the art and most current standards of care relevant to 2016 and beyond

We are proud that "Safe Answers" continues to be the bestselling book for its purpose for the last several years and it is always on the top of the recommended books lists to read for surgeons taking their Board certifying and recertifying exam.

We are extremely grateful to the surgeons who took the time to write us and we promise them to keep this book as precious and packed with useful information as we can for as long as we can.


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