Safe Answers is a unique review text designed to help surgeons and surgical residents to prepare for the American Board of Surgery exams.


It is organized in a systematic, clear and accurate fashion.

It takes the reader step by step through the safest answers for the purpose of the Board exam.

It took the Author originally three years of research and numerous interviews with board examinees and an extensive review of the most recent and solid literature.

Ever since it was first published in 1994, Safe Answers has been the most widely used reference by surgeons to prepare for their certifying and recertifying board exam.


The 2014 Edition

351  pages is all new and most relevant to this year Exams


Most chapters have been changed and updated and many new subjects have been added.

Many of the changes and additions were introduced to make "safe Answers" the best reference for surgeons preparing for their recertification exam and even better reference for the oral certifying exam.

Of all surgical review books available in book stores and online, "Safe Answers" remains the only original content text addressing specifically the oral board exam in real certifying exam format.

The recertifying exam has been changed over the years by the Board to become mostly clinical based and very similar to the certifying exam but in a computer multiple questions/presentations format.


Significant hard work went into preparing this new edition of the book, we feel this is our best text yet and we hope it will serve its purpose well.

Good Luck to All




First Published in USA in 1994, updated yearly till 2008, reprinted every year till 2012

This 2014 is the newest and most updated edition to date

It will be updated and republished every 4 years 

Next update will be due in mid 2019


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