You can read below an abbreviated list of the chapters and sections of
"Safe Answers", this is to give you an idea about the book titles, but it is in no means representative of the number of presentations, scenarios and direct questions addressed in the book..As we see for instance, that more than 100 trauma questions are included under one title (Trauma pearls...) and so on.

A special attention was directed, in the 2014 latest edition of
"Safe Answers", to simplifying and organizing the relevant information being asked about in both the certifying and recertifying exam on these, otherwise, boring and easily forgotten subjects, such as Nutrition, Electrolytes, ICU drugs, Respirator management, Renal failure and Hepatic failure management, Burns, Endocrine Surgery... etc.

At the end of each chapter, and whenever necessary, we added few bullet points being asked about on the exam related to the chapter title.
The general format of the book remains its strongest asset; it is the real life scenarios as presented exactly, orally on the certifying exam and on the computer screen on the recertifying exam.

It is easy to write a book made of bullet points or outlines on each surgical subject (like what we see in most surgical board preparation books), but it's not so easy to write from scratch a genuine, accurate and solid reference for real life surgical scenarios, it takes much more effort, a more inclusive view and extensive logical thinking... we know this format works, it worked with thousands of surgeons who used "Safe Answers" as their main preparation book... and with the huge update made to the 2013 edition, we can only guess that this book will become the Jewel of all surgical board preparation books and to which all of them will be compared.

Table of Content


Section I


Head and Neck

Section II



Section III



Section  IV


Stomach and Duodenum

Section  V


Small Bowel and Colorectum

Section  VI


Biliary Surgery

Section  VII



Section  VIII



Section  IX


Endocrine Surgery

Section  X


Soft Tissue Tumors,Lymphoma,  Melanoma

Section  XI


Notes in GYN Surgery

Section  XII


Notes in Pediatric Surgery

Section  XIII


Notes in GU Surgery

Section  XIV


Notes in Thoracic Surgery

Section  XV


Notes in Vascular Surgery

Section  XVI


Trauma and Critical Care



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